Russ Fuller makes a generous five-year commitment to support OneReef’s transformational work with Pacific Island Communities.



November 11, 2021



SANTA CRUZ, CA – OneReef is proud to announce a visionary $2 million gift from Russ Fuller to launch an innovative, high-impact effort to support Pacific Island communities in confronting climate change. A place of remarkable beauty, culture, and history, the Pacific Islands provide an extraordinary example of the deep connection between communities and their natural environment. These strong linkages go beyond the human allure of stunning marine environments. Coral reefs provide protein, protect shorelines from storms, support tourism, and serve critical cultural needs.

Unfortunately, coral reefs in the Pacific Islands are now facing an existential crisis. OneReef’s mission is to partner with island communities to combine traditional stewardship and modern resources to protect coral reefs. This generous gift allows OneReef to dramatically scale partnerships with communities that are equitable and long-term. The work also expands vital relationships with globally renowned scientists and technologists who contribute alongside local community leaders to address the region’s unique challenges.

OneReef is now able to replicate a successful Community Partnership Agreement model, expanding to an additional 38 partnerships and increasing the area managed by communities to 3 million acres. This expansion will lead to passing down centuries-old traditional knowledge and establishing peer-to-peer exchanges throughout the region.

“Russ Fuller understands that OneReef has implemented a set of on-the-ground solutions that work in this important region of the world,” says Chris LaFranchi, OneReef Founder and CEO. “He understands that unless we can rapidly scale our success, we’ll chip away at an existential problem without solving it. Russ also understands that those with the least resources to address the problems are affected the most, and they need to be part of the solution.”

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