Ekei Lalii Remengesau

Lalii Remengesau

Lalii supports the development and implementation of the OneReef Micronesia Traditional Stewardship Program, working with communities to integrate modern science with traditional wisdom to solve collective challenges. Lalii has a background in international relations, policy and project management working in both the government and the private sector. She was also an interviewer and transcriber for a Palauan cultural heritage book project titled Omngeremelel a Klebelau me a Klechibelau: Conserving Palau’s Natural and Cultural Heritage. Lalii has a B.A. in Communications from the University of Hawaii at Hilo and an M.A. in International Culture and Communication from Waseda University in Japan. She is passionate about historical and cultural preservation and the protection and health of our ecosystems. Lalii enjoys gardening, fishing, baking, and spending time with her family.