Protecting our coral reefs and preserving cultures

Communities throughout the Pacific have generations of cultural knowledge to protect our ocean reefs. However, faced with today’s overwhelming challenges, they cannot do it alone. OneReef partners directly with these ocean stewards to help them address challenges—like enforcing managed fishing zones, effectively measuring impact, and fostering future stewards. Whereas only an insignificant percentage of $85 billion spent annually on biodiversity conservation is made directly available to locals managing their ecosystems, we are flipping the equation—supporting trusted ocean stewards who responsibly own and manage their reef and island ecosystems.

Helping communities take the lead in stewardship:

  • Establish a shared vision for every community
  • Engage the community through local training, council meetings, and gatherings
  • Coordinate with government, community leaders, and partners to ensure effective coral reef protection.
Providing resources for an effective stewardship model:
  • Finance stewardship and generate economic benefits
  • Provide advanced science and technology from Scripps Institution of Oceanography
  • Train personnel and monitor the impact of marine conservation efforts.

Ensuring crucial knowledge is passed
on to future stewards:

  • Connect elders and youth to transfer generational knowledge
  • Build a kinship with nature through hands-on learning in after-school and summer programs
  • Enrich learning spaces to inspire future stewards.

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Scaling partnership agreements across the Pacific

Ocean Steward partnerships are having an extraordinary impact


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Funders and partners who share in the vision of these communities

Scripps Oceanography Institute

Russell Fuller Donates $2 Million to support the OneReef model

In 2021 OneReef received its first seven-figure gift to support operations. Russ Fuller, co-founder and principal of Fuller & Thaler, made a $2m contribution after a decade of involvement with OneReef. As an experienced diver and Vietnam War Silver Star recipient, OneReef’s model aligned with his calling to contribute to the world by advancing communities facing overwhelming challenges.

Inspiring stories of stewardship