Our Goal

Vibrant Reefs and thriving communities

At OneReef, we aim to scale community partnerships across the Pacific to create one ocean kinship, sustainably conserving our reef and island ecosystems.

Community partnerships

In 2023
In 2028

Acres managed

In 2023
In 2028

Our Global Impact

Hard coral and fish species protected

Spatial area protected

Community partnerships

Based on existing data collected from Helen Reef Atoll, Micronesia, and the world.

OneReef community partnerships produce
more productive reefs

OneReef Community Partnership areas have 1.75 to 2.2 metric tons of fish biomass vs .75 tons in areas with no community partnership.

Independent, peer-reviewed research indicated OneReef Community Partnerships have higher biomass of important fish than adjacent areas outside the One Reef Community Partnerships and that our no-take areas have even more fish.

Data compiled by Friedlander et al. 2017 PLOS and simplified for display here

OneReef Impact Reports

Community Impact Reports

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