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Vibrant reefs. Thriving communities.

OneReef conserves the reef by serving the needs of the people who protect it.

At OneReef, we aim to protect coral reefs and island ecosystems by building partnership agreements that give communities of ocean stewards the resources and advances they need to deal with today’s overwhelming challenges.

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The story of OneReef’s first partnership agreement

Explore the incredible story in this immersive ArcGIS story map of how OneReef supported ocean stewardship to protect Palau’s coral reefs. Learn how the Hatohobei community protected one of the world’s largest atolls from illegal fishing. Dive into the stunning coral reefs surrounding Tobi Island and Helen Reef. And discover Palau’s rich marine conservation ethic and vital partnerships that help safeguard its reefs.

Rachael DeWitt,
A graduate of the Masters of Advanced Studies in Marine Biodiversity and Conservation program at Scripps Institution of Oceanography, Rachel developed this informative ArcGIS story map (June 2020) based on her belief in community-based coral reef conservation and the importance of advancing ocean stewardship to protect the coral reefs in Palau.