A Coffee for an Acre of Reef

At OneReef, our mission is to create Vibrant Reefs, Thriving Communities. We are committed to identifying bright spots of conservation and working with the communities who are committed to protecting them.

Helen Reef Conservation Rangers protect the atoll 24/7

Helen Reef, our first MCA site, is home to an incredibly diverse 530 species of fish, 43 species of soft coral, and the highest recorded hard coral diversity of any Pacific atoll – with at least 282 species. It is also home to critical reef fish species like groupers and snappers, and other culturally-important species like green and hawksbill turtles and giant clams. There are incredibly populations of brown and red-footed boobies and frigate birds – and the rare population of coastal nesting great-crested terns at Helen is thought to be one of the largest colonies remaining in the entire Pacific Ocean.

With so much diversity in a singleplace, it’s no wonder that poachers have tried to exploit the marine environment. With OneReef’s support, the Helen Reef community has managed to train and supply 3-4 conservation officers year-round at this remote atoll – located more than 260 nautical miles from the main island of Koror, where even satellite internet is intermittent and it can take 2-3 days to reach them in cases of emergency.

With all this in mind, a mere $2/acre per year is enough to keep this pristine natural ecosystem intact.

For the cost of a single cup of coffee, or the amount of change that has fallen into your couch cushions, you could be protecting not only an incredible biodiverse and resilient coral reef – you are also enabling a community to take control of its future and its traditional home.