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A 10 year partnership – conservation success at Helen Reef (Palau)

OneReef’s first Partnership agreement, 10 years ago, was with the Tobi community to support their efforts to protect and recover the marine ecosystem of Helen Reef, including its iconic turtle population. To honor World Oceans Day (June 8th), and World Sea Turtle Day (June 18th), we want to share the achievements of the Helen Reef Turtle monitoring and tagging program and celebrate this incredible community whose efforts have ensured that there have been no illegal poachers at Helen Reef since the last incident in 2014! Read on for the history of this program and its successful conservation efforts.

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“Solving the problems associated with coral reef loss in the Pacific Island region requires more than just throwing resources at the problem. We must partner with communities that have deep-rooted and culturally significant relationships with the ocean.”

Christopher LaFranchi

Christopher LaFranchi
CEO, Founder – OneReef

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