Northern Reefs Enforcement Training

OneReef is working with the Ngarcheong State Conservation Officers to protect more than 500,000 acres of Palau’s Northern Reefs.  Since our initial engagement with the enforcement team in Fall 2017, the program has made impressive strides in its training and protocols. We have outlined our progress to date, interim assessment, and proposed next steps.

Enforcement training leadership, including Charlie Patris, Sgt. Mark Aguon, Vice President of Palau Raynold B. Oilouch, Lt. Vince Naputi, and OneReef Senior Advisor Wayne Andrew.

In February, OneReef worked with the Ministry of Justice, Northern Reef conservation officers, andLt. Mark Aguon and Sgt. Vince Naputi to certify 9 Conservation Officers  to a US enforcement standard. Key skills included vessel boarding, patrolling protocols, de-escalation training, logbook use, and citation.

As part of the training, conservation officers have begun to use a paper (hand-written) logbook system in the ranger station, outlining key events during patrol and shift duties.  We will also be working with the Ngarchelong conservation team to perform a weekly team check-in meeting on Monday mornings to talk through key activities, discuss roles, and share information.

9 Certified Conservation Rangers celebrating at Ngarchelong.

We are excited about progress at Ngarcheong and Palau’s Northern Reefs, and will be focused on training rangers to perform overnight patrols of protected areas. Please join us in supporting this important project to protect some of Palau’s most precious reefs!