OneReef on NPR

We were thrilled to be featured this month as a guest on Listen Bay Area with host Armand Carr, which was also picked up by National Public Radio.

The conversation

 Many people are aware that coral reefs are at risk. Climate change, overfishing, and pollution threaten reef health around the world. We’ve lost 50% of reefs that were healthy 30 years ago.

Threats to coral reefs seem overwhelming – but can addressed with a breathtakingly simple solution – help local communities protect reefs that they highly value and have depended on for decades. We partner directly with communities to do this for about $2/acre – so it’s entirely scalable.

Armand asked about our work, our approach, and most importantly, “What can an individual do?” OneReef has demonstrated that it’s most effective to support communities who want to or are already working to protect the reefs that are resilient to climate change.

The OneReef Community Partnership Model creates coral reef protected areas by partnering directly with these communities, to ensure they have the technical, scientific and financial resources they need to effectively manage their own coral reefs. Since 2012, we have created 350,000 acres of coral reef protection – an area twenty times as large as Manhattan. Because OneReef supports working communities, the annual $2 cost of saving 500+ species found on an acre of coral reef is less than you paid for a latte this morning.

 We invite you to listen to the interview.