Surveillance Gear Bought and Sent to Communities

Thank you for helping us raise $4,520 to date for 4 of our partner communities in Pohnpei (Federated States on Micronesia)!  The communities are Palikir, Pakin, Lenger, and Dehpek-Takaiou

With the funds raised so far, we have been able to purchase and send basic, bare minimum equipment needed to do surveillance and enforcement effectively and safely. Each of the four communities has received a kit that has a GPS unit, camera, 2 radios, and the accessories (SD card, cleaning pack) in a waterproof protective hard case.

  • GPS unit is the tool that will help the Rangers locate where the person was and can prove that s/he was in the MPA in violation of the rules.
  • The camera will be used to ake a photo of the GPS screen where the person was spotted to prove the infraction to the authority/court.  And if possible, it will be used to take a photo of the person/boat in that spot and of the illegally caught fish.
  • Life Jacket indicates a trained professional because locals don’t wear life jackets and it increases the safety of the operation.
  • Radios are used to communicate between patrol vessel and base or command center on land. It can be used by the Rangers in the boat to ask for back up in case of escalation or a threatening situation. It’s not good practice to go for surveillance without the radios.

This what some of our funders have said about donating to this project:

  • “I know that this donation is going to an important and worthy cause! “
  • “I felt a real connection to Mr. Andrew. In the video he was straightforward – I appreciated someone who clearly said, ‘We need help’. A beautiful area”
  • “Communities are on the front lines of conservation!”

We still need to raise $8,480 more to buy the rest of the surveillance gear.  Please help our communities protect their coral reefs and livelihoods by helping us raise funds for them. Thank you again for your support of our vision – Vibrant Reefs, Thriving Communities!

Watch two videos of community leaders reacting after they received the gear (below), and watch the rest on YouTube!