Mary G. Jameson

Mary G. Jameson grew up in La Jolla, California. Daughter of aerospace executive Frank G. Jameson, Mary graduated from USC with an emphasis in Finance and Marketing.

Dr. Bernie Tershy

Dr. Tershy is an Adjunct Professor and a Research Biologist in the Institute of Marine Sciences at the University of California Santa Cruz (UCSC). He also directs the Coastal Conservation Action Lab at UCSC.

Dr. Igor Korneitchouk

Igor Korneitchouk

As a philanthropist, Dr. Igor Korneitchouk, a retired music professor, has been involved in efforts to rid the oceans of plastic refuse, spearheading and helping to sponsor the Plastics Awareness Global Initiative, a symposium of scientists gathered from around the world to address this problem.

Dr. Lida Teneva

Lida Teneva

Dr. Lida Teneva is a marine conservationist and ecologist who has investigated climate change impacts on key ocean ecosystems, worked with indigenous communities on sustainable fisheries, and built ocean exploration programs.

John Dawson

Mr. Dawson is a retired entrepreneur who has helped to create several successful startup companies. He has spent the past 20 years serving as a board member and donor for various leading-edge nonprofits.