Chris founded OneReef in 2012 to create a direct impact through locally controlled coral reef conservation. As CEO, he has been principally responsible for fundraising, organizational vision and design, and negotiating agreements with Micronesian communities who own coral reefs and are committed to conservation goals and adaptive management strategies. He has lived in Africa and Indonesia, and performed field work in at least 12 countries, building extensive experience in community engagement, environmental policy, and diplomatic work. His former work with the World Bank, National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA), and the marine science community provides a wealth of knowledge in global conservation. Chris has an M.S. in natural resource economics from the University of Hawaii at Manoa and a B.S. in biology and technical journalism from Oregon State University. In 2015, he was nominated for the Pew Fellowship in Marine Science. In 2016, he was invited to speak alongside other thought leaders at the Bioneers Conference. He is a frequent speaker at international conferences, including the 2016 International Coral Reef Symposium and others.