Mentoring the next generation of Micronesian Stewards

  Onereef has supported communities’ longer-term management and protection of their coral reefs across Micronesia since 2010. During this decade of developing long-term partnerships with communities across the region, OneReef has established a robust Micronesia team made up of extensively experienced and well-respected leaders among their peers.  The Micronesia team has helped shape OneReef’s Community Partnership [...]

Disruption by Unseasonal Typhoon

In March, Typhoon Surigae swept by Palau, catching Palauans off-guard as weather reports forecasted the occurrence of solid winds commonly associated with tropical storms. Palauan fishers around the island had noticed unusual tidal behavior over the past several months in which tides appeared to be considerably higher than usual. The higher waves continue to adversely impact [...]

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