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Traditional Leaders Forum in Pohnpei

For centuries, Pohnpeians used traditional complex systems to protect their natural resources. These strict rules governed all clans’ behavior and ensured that Pohnpei’s rich coral reefs, mangroves, and forests provided food and economic livelihood to sustain themselves and future generations. Traditional resource management systems and stewardship systems have been diluted by modern approaches to regulate resource use and management. Modern approaches have also undermined the authority of indigenous communities to control their resources. Consequently, many traditional mangrove ecosystems have been lost and destroyed due to unsustainable harvesting and development practices and notable climate change impacts. On November 17th, traditional leaders made themselves heard!

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“Solving the problems associated with coral reef loss in the Pacific Island region requires more than just throwing resources at the problem. We must partner with communities that have deep-rooted and culturally significant relationships with the ocean.”

Christopher LaFranchi

Christopher LaFranchi
CEO, Founder – OneReef

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