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Pohnpei and Helen Reef teams have independently imaged their reefs!

In March 2019, OneReef, in collaboration with Scripps Institution of Oceanography, trained three teams of local islanders in cutting edge imaging technology used by scientists to monitor reef health over time. In June and October (2020), the teams from Pohnpei and Helen Reef independently imaged multiple sites in their area, putting their training into action! (The team from Ngarchelong, a Northern state of Palau, independently imaged six sites in March 2020).

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Community Steward Spotlight

We are deeply grateful for the community stewards who are pivotal to our work. One such person is Clifford “Poch” Osima; a Palauan Traditional Steward engaged in modern-day surveillance, enforcement, and reef health monitoring activities as a Ngarchelong State Ranger. He has been vital in helping us deploy cutting-edge technologies to reduce poaching and to monitor reef health. Read more!

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“Solving the problems associated with coral reef loss in the Pacific Island region requires more than just throwing resources at the problem. We must partner with communities that have deep-rooted and culturally significant relationships with the ocean.”

Christopher LaFranchi

Christopher LaFranchi
CEO, Founder – OneReef

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