Palau Nat’l Marine Sanctuary

Palau has committed to protecting its entire marine territory from overfishing. OneReef is working with communities to take the lead at protecting outlying islands and nearshore reefs.

Pohnpei Island

Local management can be taken to a state-wide scale through cross-site trainings, community engagement, and coordinated enforcement.

Yap/Ngulu Atoll

This remote atoll has committed to preventing illegal fishing of their valuable fish populations.


Two communities have partnered with OneReef to protect some of Yap’s most resilient reefs from poachers.

Pohnpei/Ant Atoll

Ant is the spawning ground for many of Pohnpei’s fish species, and OneReef has helped build a sustainable conservation and enforcement program.

Palau/Helen Reef

OneReef supports the Helen Reef Rangers to protect some of Palau’s highest fish biomass through this community-driven conservation initiative.