Traditional Leaders Forum in Pohnpei

For centuries, Pohnpeians used traditional complex systems to protect their natural resources. These strict rules governed all clans’ behavior and ensured that Pohnpei's rich coral reefs, mangroves, and forests provided food and economic livelihood to sustain themselves and future generations. Traditional resource management systems and stewardship systems have been diluted by modern approaches to regulate resource use and management. Modern approaches have also undermined the authority of indigenous communities to control their resources. Consequently, many traditional mangrove ecosystems have been lost and destroyed due to unsustainable harvesting and development practices and notable climate change impacts. On November 17th, traditional leaders made themselves heard!

OneReef is 10 years old – and celebrating a 10 year community partnership!

We are celebrating the tenth anniversary of the first OneReef community partnership agreement! OneReef signed this formative agreement with the Tobi community (Hatohobei) in Palau, Micronesia, in 2010 to steward the community-owned Helen Reef Atoll. The success of the Tobi partnership has sparked nine additional communities to join OneReef in our mission of vibrant reefs and thriving communities. To learn more about the history and inspiration behind OneReef's community partnership agreements, read on.

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OneReef on NPR

We were thrilled to be featured this month as a guest on Listen Bay Area with host Armand Carr, which was also picked up by National Public Radio. The conversation  Many people are aware that coral reefs are at risk. Climate change, overfishing, and pollution threaten reef health around the world. We’ve lost 50% of [...]

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OneReef Screens Chasing Coral at Montalvo Arts Center

The OneReef screening of the award-winning movie, Chasing Coral, was a sold-out event with a highly engaged audience. If you would like to organize a screening that includes a discussion with OneReef founder Chris LaFranchi, please contact us at Chasing Coral is also now available on Netflix streaming. What can I personally do to [...]

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OneReef Chosen As Blue Week Finalist

We are excited to announce that OneReef is one of only four finalists, out of 100+ applicants, selected to pursue support from sponsors of the The Grenada Blue Week and Investment Conference, held in St George’s, Grenada, from May 14-22, 2016. The Government of Grenada, Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) of the UN, World Bank, [...]

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